Who you’re dealing with?

A guttural and glorious calling came down on us forthcoming a future of creativity and awesomeness.

Founded by a mixture of our love for design and our urge to always be on the top of our league, Guts&Glory is never talk and no game. A perfectly balanced team of thinkers, doers and dreamers. Our aim is to deliver by any means necessary. We uphold new design ideologies and techniques to craft powerful solutions that disrupt the cultural norm.

Whether an attitude, an ethos or just plain old fashioned values we believe that in today’s fast-changing world we provide the right answer for your company. We work to inspire, we design to disrupt and we are here to create a long lasting impact.

Here's the thing...

The days of Generation X made jobs are far behind us, nobody wants to be stuck in a 9-5 routine anymore. Designers and Creatives today are always on the move searching for their next challenge making it hard for companies to hold on to their best and brightest employees.

How do we operate?

The idea is simple, if we can’t handle the heat we add a motivated freelancer to our team for your project. A fixed employee can’t be an expert in all aspects of his field. Whether be it a designer or a developer, new programs and new ideas are emerging everyday. Guts&Glory’s retention strategy finds the right person for your project adding extra value to our already unique team of experts. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds.


We create strategies that leverage your brand in significant way helping you creating a meaningful and purposeful connection between your business and your audience.

digital marketing.

Beyond SEO and AdWords, we know how integral digital marketing services are to brands. That’s why we work on the top five virtual channels of the digital realm to create new pathways to your audience.


Finding new ways to get the conversation started about your brand is what we do. From bold art direction to pushy tag lines, we get the results and deliver the numbers.

Web Design.

Your digital window to the world is our playground. We perfected the art of user experience and digital story telling. Always achieving the satisfaction of both your business objectives and the objectives of your audience.


We work on the perception that comes to mind when a consumer hears the name of your business, the mental picture that is engraved in their memory. It’s a mixture of colors, smells, words and that ah-ha moment


Satisfying real needs instead of market needs. Whether it’s organizing or participating in workshops, discussions or lending a helping hand - we love to open up new perspectives for the world around us.

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